You are ready now 
to UNLEARN the garbage
and live your best life with liberation and peace. 

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Your tired of doing all the things, just to "fall off the wagon" causing the you to plummet into a shame storm of regret. You are not able to sustain what "they " said would work, especially when life happens.  Now you feel hopeless, right? BUT, WAIT YOU CAN START AGAIN ON MONDAY SO...........

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How many years have you hated how you view your body? Everyday you get up, look at your reflection expecting to LOVE yourself, and are filled with disappointment and shame.

So you do more. Your more isn't good enough, there's no satisfaction and you're still miserable in your skin.

The events, moments and time you have spent working out, not eating the cake at your kiddos birthday party or passing on that one drink around the campfire. 


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I personally have spent decades feeling like shit every time I looked in the mirror. And the worst part, It didn't matter which diet I was on, which exercise plan I followed, or how many "positive affirmations" I read I never felt it!


Through consumption of social media, our peers around us and all the bright shiny objects in the form of the newest diet and exercise that will get your results to be 100% confident in yourself, how do we not want to run after these things? ​

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Since 2015 I have spent time studying, learning and being a experiment of the health and wellness industry. It told me I needed to be "fixed'. So, I fixed and felt failure over and over again.


I struggled with multiple eating disorders since the age of 14. I desperately wanted to view myself differently and feel peace within.

The view of myself affected every area of my life. I always hated my body no matter the size, had a lack of confidence and self worth.

I needed a different result, so I did something different


I focused on unlearning all the toxic diet and exercise regimens that I once thought would be the answer. I put in the internal work and made the changes.


My life looks very different now. I have designed a life I am proud of.


This has created a passion in me to encourage and liberate other women to believe in themselves and live a a life by their own design.

UNLEARN is exactly what it is. Unlearning all the crap we have been believing we should be and do for years. This will be different then anything you have done in the past, and it may be uncomfortable. You will need to work hard.There are no quick fixes here!

You will be learning........

  • A Mindset shift of shame and guilt.

  • How to discover your core values and utilize them everyday. 

  • Self Acceptance and kindness in the body your in now.

  • How to gain control, confidence and self esteem.

  • Recognize and establish movement and nutrition that is honoring your body.

  • Freedom from toxic positivity and comparison.

  • How to stop  the "shoulding" all over yourself

  • That you are ENOUGH in every season.


How does UNLEARN work? 

Unlearn is a 8 week program starting September 21st, 2022.

8 ZOOM live calls. Calls will be recorded. 

September 21st,28th @ 4:00pm EST

October 19th, 26th @ 4:00pm EST

November 9th, 16th @ 4:00pm EST

1 45 minute 1-1 Coaching call anytime during the 8 week program

Unlimited Voxer coaching for the entirety of the program

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Admission fee for this course is $10


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  • 8 Week program 

  • 6 zoom lives with replays

  • M-F Voxer support for the entirety of the program

  • 1 -45 minute coaching call