Who are you, Like really?

I'll be heading into my 45th chapter of life in a few months. Even as I write this, I feel this urge to keep erasing and making it perfect. Most of my life consisted of this. I don't really remember if its a standard that I grew up with or if I set it for myself along the way. It doesn't really matter at the moment, what matters is who I am now and I continue to value and honor that.

We all take on labels, some not by choice. As woman we naturally compare ourselves to others, most the time its not intentional. It just happens. We have gotten so habitual with it that we don't even realize it. I cant possibly be the only woman who envies the women who seem to have their shit together,(yes, I swear ) like they are confident standing on their own two feet and know who the hell they are. I often wonder if that takes work for them? Is it really who they are, or are they just putting on a front? I think I have spent so much time trying to analyze who I am, and if I'm really being myself that I forgot to just be me! There are no rules to being you friend. To be who you are is easy. So why do we make it so hard?

I have wanted to coach and write for so many years, I formally started my coaching business in November 2021 and I have frozen. Its fear of what others will think. Like what if know one likes me? There are so many "rules" in this industry. The do this, not that. Get clients this way. Be real, but not to real. I've just been watching others and analyzing what they are doing. Will that work for me? The truth of the matter is you don't know what will work for you until you just start moving( and here I am blogging :))

What if I just want to be myself? Will that be good enough for a business, for my partner, my kids, those who I coach and teach? My conclusion is that it will have to be. I may not be for everyone. Thats ok because I don't want to be. I will not be coaching perfectly because I'm not perfect and either are my clients and I love that! I will be coaching from a place of experience, love. and knowledge. We have a lot of expert's in this world and I am told to be the expert in my industry. A industry that is constantly playing with woman's emotions it seems of what they should look like and do with their bodies. How they should and shouldn't feel. How to love themselves no matter what. Well Most of us woman have a lot of shit to sort through. No thanks, Ill be the expert in how to connect with woman who need help in learning how to inspire their damn selves and take their own health and well being back instead of depending on the "experts" to give them a cookie cutter solution. It runs deep in my veins, that most woman underestimate what they are really capable of. Myself included.

So this is me being me. No one can take that or duplicate me. Being me will be the easiest and most natural thing in the world as long as I'm not overthinking it. I have moments, days, even weeks where things seem off. I am human, and I want to be able to act like a human authentically.

So if you are struggling with being who you are, or overthinking who you are. Dust yourself off girl and get back to the basics of just being who you want to be, what comes naturally and brings you joy! Everyday that might feel different, but as long as your honoring yourself, you got it! If your not sure what that is anymore, start by doing some things that you know you love and see how they make you feel, tap into that and use it to walk you into the direction of discovering new things to that can bring you joy. Maybe just put some music on you love, sing at the top of your lungs and dance. Feel it, Feel like YOU!

We are on this journey together. Lets do it!

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