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Mindset Weight Loss


 " As soon as I lose this weight I will feel accepted and happy with my body and  life"

​Have you said these words to yourself? 

Yeah, too! I get it! 


It goes something like this

After this diet I’ll….

-Be confident in my body

-Get that outfit that I've been drooling over but wouldn't dare wear, in fear of what others thought. 

-Finally eat what I want because I lost the weight and just want REAL FOOD!  

 -Walk into a new gym and try a group x class 

-Wear that swimsuit with confidence and strut my stuff like all the confident women do!  

-Be naked in front of my partner( yeh, this is a real problem for so many of us)

-Look at myself in the mirror bravely

All my wishes and dreams for my future self were based on this current diet. But it would only leave me feeling like a failure because I couldn't stick to it long enough, or I had a couple “bad” days so that messed up the whole thing! Then the cycle repeated itself. 

It was so frustrating! They all said I would feel more confident, secure and be able to accept my body when I was doing all the things! 

The ”I 'Il be able to when” game was my belief system for years. When I achieved the smaller body, to my surprise I wasn't any happier. I felt more lost and restricted internally.


In this workshop we are flipping the script. We will take your attention from focusing on the weight of your body to the focus of eliminating the  internal weight of lack of self esteem, acceptance, confidence, trust and belief in yourself. 

So what if………….

-You could get the confidence to walk proudly in your body?

-Go to a restaurant or event and be able to eat with freedom and dignity? 

 -Do an exercise that actually feels enjoyable and empowering?  

-You embrace and start loving the person you are allowing yourself to be, right now, in this body! 

Think about that for a minute..

How would it feel and look for you? I can tell you it looks very different for me in my personal life then I ever thought it would

At the end of our 3 days together you are going to have a renewed belief system in your mind, body and soul. You will feel like you can own your own shit and have the tools to tap  into your self awareness super powers! These superpowers will help you fend off the diet culture rules and food police.    You will be able to practice the practical small steps in the  every day decisions of your life to begin to love yourself where your at. These tools will propel you forward to living a life of freedom against diet culture, guilt, shame and disappointment!  You will hold the blueprint of your health and wellness and call the shots in the direction you want to go with full trust and confidence in your decisions! 

Here's what you can expect! 

Day 1 Workshop October 24th @7pm- How to have happiness in yourself regardless of your body size and shape 

On day 1 we are digging into our limiting beliefs are around our bodies and diet culture.   Ill give you the tools to trust in your own ability to know what your body needs and wants in your nutrition and movement behaviors

Workshop Day 3 October 27th @7pm- Changing our daily behaviors and habits into a routine we can be proud of 

Today we talk about how you can make a shift in your health that you can trust and be proud of. It may be scary to give all your control back to yourself, however with new realistic habits and behaviors that can be implemented every day and season of your life you will learn to take baby steps in the process! 

Workshop Day 2 October 26th @7pm -Rejecting the dieting mentality, and begin trusting our intuition

What is the diet mentality? Do you have it? We are going to break through the common myths of what a diet it and isn't.  Today  we are gong to get into the nitty gritty of how dieting has effected our metabolism, body and self esteem. We will focus on simple and basic changes you can implement in your every day behaviors to flip the script. 

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Since 2015 I have spent time studying, learning and being a experiment of the health and wellness industry. It told me I needed to be "fixed'. So, I fixed and felt failure over and over again.


I struggled with multiple eating disorders since the age of 14. I desperately wanted to view myself differently and feel peace within.

The view of myself affected every area of my life. I always hated my body no matter the size, had a lack of confidence and self worth.

I needed a different result, so I did something different


I focused on unlearning all the toxic diet and exercise regimens that I once thought would be the answer. I put in the internal work and made the changes.


My life looks very different now. I have designed a life I am proud of.


This has created a passion in me to encourage and liberate other women to believe in themselves and live a a life by their own design.

I'm In!! 

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