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Hi There, 

Im sure you are wondering who I am and what qualifies me as a health and wellness coach.  I could bore you with the certifications and trainings I have but instead I would like be the woman that represents authenticity, and realness in her own journey with her own mind, body and soul. It has been no easy task for me but I feel that if you are here and considering a coach for bettering your overall lifestyle then you may want honesty, and in that you may feel empowered, less shame, and inspired to continue or start your own journey! 

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My Story

So,  who am I? 

I am many things to many people, but lets be honest aren't most woman? Which is what can make taking care of ourselves so hard!

     Growing up I never payed attention to my health, I developed a eating disorder around the age of 14 and carried it much into my 30s.  At the time due to poor education on my part, I had no idea that this was a problem for me.  I thought all girls my age restricted food and measured their wrists daily to make sure they were still "skinny". In my very early 20's I got pregnant with my first daughter and gained 100 pounds and was fortunate to have a belly after that looked like a road map.  Man, looking back at that I was so ashamed and horrified for so many years thinking how damaged and flawed I had become. I actually don't think I hated my body anymore then right after I had her.  Through the next 15 years, I had 3 more children and so much fluctuation with my weight. I honestly had no time to focus on anything other then raising my 3 girls and one son.( who by the way is autistic so that took a lot of time) I was also battling to stay afloat in a toxic marriage that left me feeling ashamed, fake, alone, depleted and broken. During these years, I also developed a binge eating disorder as I had no idea how to handle my emotions or feel my feelings, so I would closet eat and pacify the way I felt with food. 

       Fast forward to just a couple of years before I turned 40. It was right after the new year and I knew I needed a change in my life.  I felt like I didn't know who I was anymore and I felt trapped in my own body. I was so out of touch with the me I once was.  I was raising kids, trying not to drown in my own self pity, not feeling good enough and having no energy.  So I made the decision to start getting "healthy". 

       The next part of this story, I always make sure to include because I really do feel that it was put in my path for a reason and it was such a HUGE stepping stone into what I now consider my passion.  I took a dive and jumped into a very popular workout/shake program that was all over the internet.  I started my shakes and did my challenge and lost weight and felt amazing within 30 days! Life changing! It was actually the first time I ever focused on myself and had the tools I needed to loose weight  and start feeling better about myself. I started helping other woman to do the same thing and that felt so amazing to me! 

      That was my first taste into the health and wellness world.  I craved helping others so much I took it on by the horns and made it a goal to begin and continue my education in health and fitness on how I can best help woman to feel like they can accomplish anything.  At the time, I myself was still trying and doing multiple diets, and exercising ALOT, and was helping and inspiring others to do so. Now, as you keep reading you will discover where my shift was. During this time, I wanted to spread my love for the health and fitness world , so I dove in and took the certificates that I needed to become a health and fitness trainer and coach.  

      When I turned 40, and ironically after my yoga teacher training( because that was eye opening) I changed the way I looked at myself and my life. Since then I have had to make very hard decisions and have had to trudge through things I once didn't think was ever possible.  I am no longer married, but am sharing a wonderful life with a man who excepts me and my children, and I couldn't be happier.  Happy was a hard concept to work through after trauma. 

      During the transition because I didn't have the proper behaviors and habits into place, I ate happily! Like, I didn't care. Looking back over the last couple of years I'm ok with it. I learned ALOT about myself and how to better equip and help others through the process of non dieting and being able to live authentically and still be healthy.   I had ALWAYS been on some kind of restrictive diet over the last 3 decades, just basically masking what the real problems where.  I didn't have any kind of like for myself, I felt unworthy, unvalued, unfit, I was degraded, called names, walked all over, and overall felt shameful of how I looked.  It didn't matter what the number on the scale said... I was NEVER ENOUGH. 

      So over the last couple of years I have focused on studying my own experience and overall wellness and what that looks like.  Not to sound Cliché but a healthy lifestyle really is mind, body and soul! Everything works together, and when you have harmony in all the areas you feel so much different about yourself and you become very capable and open! Their is no final destination on a healthy lifestyle journey.  It gets tweaked as we go in life and the beauty about it is, we get to always have a choice of how that looks!