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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

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I’m Happy You’re Here

If you have landed on this website, then you are searching for something new, or perhaps your just curious or perhaps you are just curious what Whole Wellness Coaching is and how it may be different then anything else you have tried. For whatever reason you are here, Welcome!

We  live in society where we have so many options on what road to travel down when it comes to our health and wellness.  Its like every where we look, there are flashy signs telling us to sign up for the next best thing because it will work! Do we even know what it means to be healthy anymore? The fact is we are not all one size fits all! All of our body mechanics and lifestyles are very different. What may work for you may not work for someone else, so why are we treated that way? 


When we are looking to get healthy, we often think of "eating right" and exercising.  These are the two major components the diet industry  seems to really zone in on.  But where we are lacking is recognizing that all the components are bodies are made of and how they can work for us to feel better, gain energy, build confidence, become stronger and just have a sense of joy about ourselves and lives. When you feel good about yourself, You feel good about your life.  You are capable of making decisions and changes that will help you to make better life sustaining healthy behaviors and habits if you are given the right plan and tools. Isn't it time to trust yourself instead of someone else who doesn't even know you? 

So by now you might be thinking, Great Mel, Thanks for the information, but how is this going to help me loose weight, build confidence, gain energy, stress less, start loving myself, get stronger....   Well friend, YOU will need to work a little. Like legitamentally work on YOU. Get to know you and what your body needs. And chances are if you are here you may have tried many diets and some have worked for a little, but then you had something ( like life) that just through you off.  Could you imagine what your life could be if you didn't have to worry about the stuff in life getting in your way of becoming your best self.  Great news for you, YOU can do this and it is POSSIBLE! 

Maybe this resignates with you, if it does then the first thing i want you to know is that I do NOT coach any of my clients with a "quick fix". Statistically they do not work, and from experience I am living proof! Second thing you should know, this is a relationship.  We are in this together!

You are very much in the drivers seat as much as I am.  This is your whole body wellness and your lifestyle to live by your design! 

Now, if your ready, LETS GET TO WORK! 



Whole Wellness Coaching with Melody Andrews

Gap, Pennsylvania 


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